In a nutshell, our patients tell us they choose us and recommend us to others because we are different. They say we are different because:

1) Our therapists provide more effective results and use "hands-on", manual techniques, that they have not experienced in prior therapies.
2) They work with, and are worked on, by their Physical Therapist, every time they come in. We may be busy at times, but we are not an assembly line.
3) They are listened to - we get to know them, their problem, and they tend to have alot of fun while going through the healing and recovery process.
 Our patients often tell us they enjoy their time with us.

With the range of health treatment options available today, choosing what is right for your condition can prove difficult and confusing. Desiring effective long-term results, as well as wanting to minimize or avoid the use of medications and injections due to their side-effects, more and more people are choosing us as their first option. Our Physical Therapists offer treatment that is based on a detailed analysis of your condition and aims to treat you and your body specifically. It turns out that research shows that the treatments that have the most effect on improving someone's movement, also have the greatest effect on pain reduction.

As a result, our therapists and staff utilize an extensive knowledge base and experience in areas such as: manual therapies, exercise prescription, movement analysis, orthopedics, sportsmedicine, pre- and post-operative rehab, and disorders related to dizziness and imbalance. To apply advanced techniques, our providers have had years of extra training in numerous courses and treatment approaches. The end result is the acquisition of advanced skills and a more complete approach to treatment. That is what we are offering you the consumer, a brand of therapy that is well beyond average, which can empower you to continue the healing process and more importantly, stay healthy.

We're living longer and staying more active longer. Our patients/clients range from 8 year-old children, to athletes in their teens and twenties, and up into their 90's. Call us today to schedule your initial assessment, and get on the road to getting better.

Direct Access – No Referral Required

Another benefit to consumers is that we offer quick access to your Physical Therapist. With the exception of a few insurances, a referral is not required to see our therapists, and insurance covers your treatment with us. Before you begin treatment, our front office will verify your physical therapy benefits so you know what they are and if you need a referral or not.


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