What is Manual Physical Therapy?

When we use the term "manual physical therapy" we are talking about a group of techniques which use hands-on procedures to maximize therapeutic gains - meaning reduction and elimination of pain, and improved movement and function. These techniques are selected based on expert evaluation of the body’s movement systems. Specifically, joint mobilizations/ manipulations, muscular releases, re-education of the nervous system, and proprioception training (body awareness) are implemented by highly trained clinicians.

These techniques are augmented by traditional physical therapy mainstays, such as exercise, some modalities such as electrical stimulation, and patient education to optimize things such as postural habits, movement ability, sport skills, etc. - basically the activities you want to get back to. To perform the more advanced mobilizations, our providers have had years of extra training in numerous courses and treatment approaches. The end result is the acquisition of advanced skills, a more complete and personal approach to treatment for the patient, and ultimately better results. That is what we are offering you the consumer, a brand of therapy that is well beyond average.

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