Our team

Our staff includes highly trained and experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistants, who work together with the goal of helping you.

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our approach

Our approach is to get to the source of your problem. We utilize the most effective treatments available, tailored to your condition and your specific needs. This often includes advanced manual therapy interventions ("hands-on" treatments), and specialized exercise programs. 

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what to expect

Expect a thorough evaluation of your condition, expect to work with your Physical Therapist each visit, and expect our best to help you in your recovery.

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No Referral Required


Thinking Physical Therapy First

With the range of health treatment options available today, choosing what is right for your condition and recovery can prove difficult and confusing. More and more people are choosing us as their first option. Physical Therapy offers treatment that is based on a detailed analysis of your condition and aims to treat you and your body specifically. It offers treatments that are based soundly on what the most current research shows to be effective, and is aware that our bodies are not static structures, but instead mobile and living. We are all intended to move!

The treatment you will receive with us is not a completely passive treatment.  We believe that the best treatment is one that uses an expert awareness of the human body and a range of treatments to help you feel and move better, as well as empower you to continue the healing process and more importantly, stay healthy.

We're living longer and staying more active longer. Our patients/clients range from 8 year-old children, to athletes in their teens and twenties, and up into their 90's, to those with back and neck pain, those who have undergone a surgical procedure, work and auto injuries, and parents and grandparents.

Our therapists and staff offer an extensive knowledge base and experience in areas such as: manual therapies, exercise prescription, optimal and efficient functional movement, orthopedics, sportsmedicine, pre- and post-operative rehab, and disorders related to dizziness and imbalance. If you would like to schedule an appointment or get more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Direct Access – No Referral Required

We offer quick access to licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy, experts in movement. A referral is usually not required, so there are no extra steps when you need help.


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