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No referral is required, as our Doctors of Physical Therapy are Direct Access licensed in Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Hershey Orthopedic & Spine Rehabilitation

If you're in pain, injured, or want to improve your mobility and performance, our Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help you. We are passionate about providing you with the best care available, and use treatments that have proven effectiveness in quality research studies.

What You Can Expect

A thorough, personal evaluation that allows us to assess your status. We then work together with you to develop a plan to relieve your pain and help you towards your recovery. We offer a relaxed, open environment to encourage healing during your visits. And our front office staff is dedicated to helping you understand your benefits, helping complete required paperwork, and answering any questions you may have.

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Give us a call today at our Hershey or Lancaster offices, and we would be happy to schedule you for your first appointment. Or if you prefer, you can email us at paulerwin@hersheyrehab.com, and we can contact you to schedule.

Why Physical Therapy First?

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"I was impressed right away from my evaluation - they took time with me, told me what was contributing to my problem, and told me how they felt they could help me. I started to feel a difference almost immediately with my treatment, as my pain started to lessen. As my treatment went along, my program was adjusted to help get me back to not only day to day stuff, but I'm now back to running and working out without problems. Thanks guys!"

-by S.S., Lancaster, PA

"Not only did they help relieve my pain, they taught me ways to exercise and improve my habits to prevent the issue from recurring."

-by A.R., Hummelstown, PA

"I recently suffered a serious back injury that didn't improve with medicine. Thanks to the manual therapy, exercises, and ability to 'think outside the box', I don't have pain the vast majority of the time. And when I do have some pain, they taught me what to do to make it go away, and I eventually get back to doing everything."

-by M.R., Lebanon, PA

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