Our team

Our staff includes highly trained and experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistants, who work together with the goal of helping you.

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our approach

Our approach is to get to the source of your problem. We utilize the most effective treatments available, tailored to your condition and your specific needs. This often includes advanced manual therapy interventions ("hands-on" treatments), and specialized exercise programs. 

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what to expect

Expect a thorough evaluation of your condition, expect to work with your Physical Therapist each visit, and expect our best to help you in your recovery.

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VIA TUSCALOOSANEWS.COMLOS ANGELES | The worst day of Aaron Baker’s life wasn’t when the then-20-year-old professional motocross racer crashed his bike one spring day in 1999, flew over the handlebars and hit the ground head-first, paralyzing him from the neck down. No, the worst day came a year later when Baker’s physical therapy ended. That was when his therapists, marveling that he could actually stand on his own again and move his arms some, cautioned him not to expect much...
Posted on 2015-06-01
Skip the Steroids for Shoulder Pain? (C/O HealthDay News) -- For relief of shoulder pain, physical therapy and steroid shots provide similar results, a new study finds. Researchers compared the two nonsurgical approaches in a group of 100-plus adults suffering from shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff problems, tendinitis or bursitis. "Whether you had a steroid injection or physical therapy, the improvement in each group was the same," said lead researcher Daniel Rhon, from the Center for...
Posted on 2015-04-30
Study: Awkward positions, distractions, fatigue trigger low back pain Engaging in manual tasks involving awkward positions increases a person’s risk of low back pain by eight times, according to new research into the physical and psychosocial factors that contribute to low back pain. The study also found being distracted during activities or fatigued also significantly increase a person’s risk of acute low back pain. The results were published Feb. 9 in Arthritis Care & Researc...
Posted on 2015-04-28
Oh, my aching wallet: MRI instead of physical therapy for low back pain leads to $4,793 higher pricec/o The Washington Post Your back hurts (join the club) and you go to see your primary care physician. Most of the time, your doctor will tell you to rest, maybe take some ibuprofen or ice the affected area. But when researchers looked at 841 people who needed additional care, they found that the ones sent first for MRIs were more likely to have surgery or injections, see a specialist or visit...
Posted on 2015-04-24
Early imaging for back pain in older adults not associated with better outcomes Older adults who had spine imaging within six weeks of a new primary care visit for back pain had similar pain and disability during the next year as similar patients who did not undergo early imaging, according to a new study. Findings appear in an article published in the March 17 issue of JAMA. When to image older adults with back pain remains controversial, the authors wrote in the article background. Many gui...
Posted on 2015-04-22
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